Li Chun 2023 – Auspicious timing to deposit money

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05 Jan 2023
2 mins read
Written by Team Instarem

Expect a long “red” queue outside the bank on the 4th of February.

This occasion is known as Li Chun (立春) to the Chinese – marking the beginning of Spring.

This year, Li Chun starts on the 4th of February and ends on the 19th of February.

There is a belief that banking your money on the first day of Li Chun will boost your wealth and luck for the new year. Folks will also turn up in red to maximize their luck for the year.

Now don’t get too excited yet.

Aside from the exact date, there is also specific timing to deposit your money. You will need to first identify your zodiac.

Curious to know what’s your lucky timing? Check out the chart below.

Auspicious day to deposit money 2023

Li Chun 2023

Chart source from Wayfengshui

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