Leading cross border payments platform Instarem introduces revamped all-in-one consumer app in Australia

09 Aug 2021
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    Instarem announces a major upgrade to its all-in-one consumer app for Australian users, and announces a first-of-its-kind consumer debit card in the pipeline

    AUSTRALIA – Instarem, a leading digital cross border payments platform, today announced a revamp of its mobile application for Australian users. Instarem will also be launching a first-of-its-kind consumer debit card (“Amaze”) for users within the year.


    Th Instarem app was first launched in Singapore in April 2021, with the aim of making money simpler than ever for customers around the world. With the new app upgrade available to users in Australia, the Instarem app enables users to transact money digitally via intuitive functions such as Quick Send, which allows users to send money to their ‘favourite’ beneficiaries instantly, and gain faster access to recent transfers in the app dashboard.


    Yogesh Sangle, Global Head of Instarem, said, “Customers can expect a new and improved Instarem experience through our remittance app. We believe that this revamp will allow Australians to do more with their money in an intuitive, transparent, and cost-effective manner. More consumer initiatives are slated to be launched in the Asia-Pacific Region in coming months such as the launch of our consumer debit card, which we’ll be expanding our reach in other markets as well.”


    This announcement follows the unveiling of Instarem’s new brand image in April 2021 to go beyond just enhancing consumer remittances globally, to move towards being the change-driver for the complexities around global payments. Since the launch of Instarem in 2015, the next-generation payments platform has been leveraging the latest technology to help its customers send, spend, and receive money across borders quicker and at a more competitive price point than its competitors.


    Instarem has seen growing consumer demand for its services, as its consumer business marked a double year-over-year growth in 2020 from 2019. Besides individual customers, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises are also turning to Instarem for Business, which saw a three-fold year-over-year growth last year compared to 2019.


    Instarem currently operates in six continents and over 100+ markets, serving more than 130+ million end customers. More than $6 billion in transaction volumes are processed annually, and 60% of payments are made in less than 15 minutes.


    To use the service, users will have to download the Instarem app on Google PlayStore (for Android users) or on App Store (for iOS users). Existing users are encouraged to update the app via these app stores. For more information, please visit www.instarem.com.

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    About Instarem
    Instarem is a leading digital cross border payments platform that enables consumers and SMEs to send and collect international money transfers conveniently and securely. With our network in over 100 markets, 65 markets in real-time, Instarem is setting a precedence in bridging currency borders by making global money transfers quick, easy, and cost-effective. We are a trusted licensed service provider with licenses in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, UK, US, EU and Canada.

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