How logistics company ‘Allsome’ cut international payment costs by 20% with Instarem

17 Mar 2023
2 mins read
Written by Team Instarem

The Company 

AllSome is an innovative parcel tracking system that provides e-commerce fulfillment and logistic solutions for online sellers.  

They currently power thousands of online stores across Malaysia, China, Singapore and Australia, who enjoy greater speed and lower costs with their innovative cross-border supply chain and logistics solution. 

The Challenge 

With the growing business of operating across borders, came a new challenge that Allsome knew they had to tackle. Foreign exchange could be a tricky and expensive ordeal and with bank fees being too high, they turned to finding a more reliable payment solution that they could trust – one that would make the whole process seamless.  

Unfortunately, the first attempt did not meet their expectations. 

“It still took us up to two long hours for enough paperwork preparations like uploading invoices and details,” finance manager for Allsome sighed. 

With an average of eight international payments each time around, something had to change if they wanted to save precious time and money. Determined not to take no for an answer, Allsome was determined to find an easier solution – one that would make their lives easier! 

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The Solution 

After tapping into networks within their industry as well shifting through online research – an answer quickly presented itself in Instarem’s technology-driven solution which allows them to carry out payouts expeditiously while drastically cutting down on administrative work. 

The financial manager at Allsome expressed satisfaction: “I can now complete transactions in an unprecedentedly streamlined manner – 1-2 hours saved per transaction. In addition, customer service proved invaluable in helping streamline this progress further.” 

Allsome  – was also able to achieve savings on operational expenses by 20%. The financial manager has managed this delicate balance between expectations and profits with Instarem’s business platform. 

The Results 

  • 20% cost savings per month 
  • Near instant transactions to Malaysia 
  • Save more than 16 hours on administrative paperwork. 
  • Get peace of mind with customer support for extra optimization on cross border transactions. 

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